Bundestag argues about delivery of tanks to Ukraine

DThe Union has responded in the Bundestag with its demand for greater support for the Ukraine cannot enforce with heavy weapons. The traffic light coalition and the members of the left-wing parliamentary group prevented a decision on a corresponding application by the CDU and CSU with their votes on Thursday; it was referred to the Foreign Affairs Committee.

In the debate, the CDU defense politician Johann Wadephul had the speech, the Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) held before the United Nations. However, he criticized the fact that Scholz refused to supply tanks to Ukraine and did not even justify it. "This is a serious mistake," Wadephul said. He called on those traffic light politicians who were in favor of tank deliveries to also vote for them.

The SPD politician Gabriela Heinrich accused the Union of downplaying the German contributions. Germany is the largest supplier in the EU and the second largest overall. "The Union is actually calling for Germany to go it alone." The AfD politician Alexander Gauland said the Union was "blow the trumpet of war". The co-chair of the Greens, Omid Nouripoursaid that you need "staying power", but that it is "a bit tiring to keep talking about individual weapon systems".

FDP: Union has turned Bundeswehr into a "disaster".

The FDP politician Marie-Agnes Strack-Zimmermann said that there were discussions in the government, but everyone agreed "that we are on the side of Ukraine". The Union had turned the Bundeswehr into a "disaster", the miserable material stock of the troops was the fault of the Union. The Left rejected the proposal CDU and CSU as a "tank offensive".

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