Bundesnetzagentur – heaters still too warm – economy

Bundesnetzagentur - heaters still too warm - economy

Bundesnetzagentur President Klaus Müller has warned of the consequences of a harsh winter for gas supplies. “In Germany, there can be cold spells everywhere. If we get a very cold winter, we have a problem,” said Müller Handelsblatt. In addition to private heating behavior and the situation in neighboring countries, the weather is decisive for where shortages can occur. However, all three factors could not be predicted. “We are currently working on models that will enable us to give politics and business a few days’ advance warning of a gas shortage.” After all, the well-filled memory saves time. “But we can’t predict gas consumption for more than a week and a half. That’s mainly due to the weather forecast.” the Federal Network Agency In the event of a significant deterioration in the gas supply, it must decide who will still receive how much of the gas available. He cannot say in which regions a gas shortage is most likely to occur, said Müller. “I expect waves: there are gas shortages, they go, they come back, they appear here and there, possibly also throughout Germany.” Müller assessed the recent savings efforts of private consumers critically. In his estimation, these would have consumed more gas than hoped. “In view of the warm temperature and the extremely high gas prices, I was very surprised. That has to change.” Many heaters are apparently still set as high as in the times before the crisis. Müller said: “It’s a warning signal, something urgently needs to happen.”

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