Bundesliga: Bitter evening for Omlin: “I imagined it differently”

Bitter evening for Omlin: “I imagined differently”

Gladbach goalkeeper Jonas Omlin is disappointed.  Photo: David Indian song/dpa

Gladbach goalkeeper Jonas Omlin is disappointed. photo

© David Indian song / dpa

Borussia Mönchengladbach’s new goalkeeper was not to blame for the defeat by Bayer Leverkusen. Jonas Omlin named the causes openly and honestly – also with a view to the next task.

Saddened and honest has himself Borussia Mönchengladbach new regular goalkeeper Jonas Omlin shown after his unsuccessful Bundesliga debut. “I imagined it a little differently,” said the new signing from HSC Montpellier on Sunday after the 2: 3 (0: 2) against Bayer Leverkusen.

The 29-year-old Swiss only arrived on Thursday Moenchengladbach, where he is set to replace longtime top performer Yann Sommer. The 34-year-old number one in Switzerland previously switched to Bayern Munich, who urgently needed a new goalkeeper due to Manuel Neuer’s serious injury.

After the first training session with his new team on Friday, Omlin had to face the fast Leverkusen attackers two days later and was sometimes left alone by those in front.

“The speed that Leverkusen have on offense is impressive. You can’t afford to lose the ball easily. That was a bit of a problem today,” said Omlin openly, honestly and correctly. “I’ll have it right away Bundesliga met from the brutal side.”

“He will have a good future with us”

His new coach Daniel Farke, who was reluctant to let Sommer move to Bayern, felt a little sorry for Omlin, who is number three in Switzerland behind Sommer and Borussia Dortmund’s Gregor Kobel. “It was a difficult game for the boy. The first three shots on goal Leverkusen’s were more or less all in there. And at the gates he could do little. He couldn’t excel at all,” Farke said of Omlin’s bitter evening, with goals conceded by Mitchel Bakker (21′), Amine Adli (43′) and Nadiem Amiri (67′). “He’ll have a good future with us,” judged Farke nevertheless.

It continues on Wednesday at FC Augsburg. The problem: Augsburg also has the fast switching game in their repertoire, with which Borussia has a problem not only against Leverkusen due to their own speed deficits.

And both spoke openly to Omlin. “That’s the risk you take when you play possession football. You’re a little more open there, sometimes you’re a little more open at the back. If you then lose the ball in a one-on-one game, you have to switch extremely well. You have it today we didn’t do it a bit well,” said Omlin and warned with regard to the next opponent: “It will be a similar game against a well defending team that is also lurking for counterattacks. We have to be in good shape and maybe score our goals a little earlier .”


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