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It's a pretty tough question that the Sc freiburg has to answer now. Should it be a coach like Domenico Tedesco, who has been available again since leaving RB Leipzig? Or do you need someone like Felix Magath, who saved Hertha BSC last season and could certainly warm to the idea of ​​no longer waiting and drinking black tea, but rather ordering one or the other Black Forest run as a Freiburg coach?

Yes, he now firmly believes that he won't be in office for much longer, said Christian Streich after the 0-0 draw against Borussia Mönchengladbach. With the draw, Freiburg had to cede the lead to Union Berlin, a club that was still playing against Energie Cottbus, Alemannia Aachen and FSV Frankfurt when Streich took over as Freiburg head coach almost eleven years ago. Sure, said Streich on Sunday evening, of course it couldn't go on like this. Actually, he can no longer be held - now that his team is in the Bundesliga is only second.

No, Christian Streich will of course not be dismissed. He will also be on the coaching bench and Felix Magath on the sofa on Thursday evening when Freiburg take on Olympiacos Piraeus in the Europa League. Whereby: Do you know? It is also true that the sports club has only won one of its three home games. And that's only because VfL Bochum has already passed, a team that Cottbus, Aachen and FSV Frankfurt would probably also win against at the moment.

The Bundesliga is just a big self-help group again. And the most popular means is: changing coaches

After six games and six defeats, Bochum are at the bottom of the table and therefore fired their coach Thomas Reis on Monday, less than a week after Leipzig fired Domenico Tedesco. One could probably have guessed that it could be difficult for VfL this year. But if you now look at the table, you will see: That was it with what could be reasonably predicted before the season. The table is a wild mess, Union and Freiburg are at the top, followed by Bayern Munich, Mainz is sixth, Leipzig tenth and Leverkusen penultimate.

Regarding the situation in the Bundesliga: yes, actually: the fans of 1. FC Union Berlin can celebrate the championship lead.

Yes, actually: The fans of 1. FC Union Berlin can celebrate the championship lead.

(Photo: Boris Streubel/Getty Images)

That doesn't have to mean anything after only six games, but it's interesting: that there are two clubs up there that are primarily characterized by being different from the others, while some clubs themselves don't really know who he actually is.

The Bundesliga is just a big self-help group again. Although there are very different topics that the individual clubs deal with, it is striking that quite a few teams are dealing with themselves quite a bit. Bayern talk about both the promotion and the attitude, Dortmund wonders how the offensive will finally get rolling, Leverkusen is looking for a way up in the flee to the front, Wolfsburg is driving Max Kruse's personnel - and in Leipzig he has the argument with himself recently revealed that a trainer with a bull stable smell is now needed again.

Freiburg and Union use all these errors of the others by simply doing what they have been doing all the time: be humble, stay with yourself and just kickas Christian Streich would probably say.

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