Bullying allegations against British Deputy Prime Minister Raab

Kn the wake of Minister Gavin Williamson’s resignation over bullying allegations, similar allegations against a prominent cabinet minister are increasing pressure on the British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak. Several media reported on Saturday that Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Justice Dominic Raab had behaved aggressively towards employees.

Raab spread a “culture of fear” in the Justice Department during his first term, the Guardian newspaper wrote. Several civil servants were offered to move to another agency when the 48-year-old politician returned to his old job in October. The newspaper “Mirror” reported that Raab’s internal nickname was “incinerator” because he burns employees. According to information from the newspaper “Sun”, Raab is said to have thrown tomatoes through the room out of anger. Insiders quoted by the media have all denied the allegations. The Minister is only “direct”.

Raab had under the previous prime minister Boris Johnson worked first as foreign minister and later as deputy prime minister and justice minister. He is one of Sunak’s closest allies and returned to both posts under him.

The main opposition party, Labor, called the allegations “deeply disturbing” and accused Sunak of poor judgement. “With every new scandal and sleazy deal it becomes more and more apparent that he is a weak leader who puts the party ahead of the national interest,” said Labor Vice-President Angela Rayner. Sunak is breaking his promise of integrity in government.

minister Williamson, who was a member of the government without a department, resigned on Tuesday evening. Sunak has denied allegations that he appointed Williamson to the cabinet despite being aware of the allegations of bullying.

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