Building in stock: exhibition and open letter against demolition - culture


Laura Weissmuller

There couldn't be a better place for this exhibition because the German Architecture Museum (DAM) in Frankfurt is currently being renovated, "Nothing New" is taking place in the DAM's interim district, and it has its rooms in the castle-like commercial building on the former Telekom site. The building from the 1950s with its 30,000 square meters of floor space was originally built by Neckermann and later used by Telekom. Since 2013, the giant building near the Ostbahnhof and within sight of the new ECB bank has been mostly empty. At the end of 2019, at least temporary users were allowed to move in, from the florist to the microbrewery and a football club, everything is included. As different as the new tenants are, they are all united by their enthusiasm for the place: because it is so flexible, allows and endures so much, but the rents are affordable despite the good location. An exception, not only in Frankfurt.

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