Buffalo shooter pleads guilty

SSix months after the racially motivated attack on a supermarket in upstate New York that killed ten black people, the shooter has pleaded guilty to all charges. Payton Gendron, 19, pleaded guilty Monday to charges including 10 counts of murder and hate-motivated domestic terrorism, prosecutor John Flynn said after a court hearing. Domestic terrorism carries a sentence of life imprisonment without parole in the state of New York.

The then 18-year-old Gendron had been in town on May 14 Buffalo attacked a supermarket frequented primarily by blacks. The white man, armed with a semi-automatic rifle, shot dead ten African Americans in front of and inside the store and injured three other people. During the attack, he wore a helmet with a camera, which he used to broadcast the attack live on the online platform Twitch.

Traveled 320 kilometers

Gendron had been preparing the attack for months. He chose the supermarket because mostly black people live in the area. For the attack, he traveled from his hometown of Conklin, more than 320 kilometers away.

“While justice has been served, nothing will ever bring back the ten wonderful people who lost their lives that day,” prosecutor Flynn said Monday. “Hopefully the legal settlement will bring some relief to the families and the (surviving) victims.”

Gendron was also charged by the federal judiciary with a hate crime. Theoretically, the 19-year-old faces the death penalty in this process.

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