Buffalo Bills’ Matt Araiza fired on rape charges

Buffalo Bills' Matt Araiza fired on rape charges

Die Buffalo Bills from the American National Football League (NFL) have responded to the charges against their professional Matt Araiza and released the 22-year-old. Araiza is accused of raping a 17-year-old girl with two other men at a University of San Diego party last October. All three are charged with rape, gender-based violence and false imprisonment.

“This is bigger than football,” said Bills manager Brandon Beane. “Let’s step back and him [Araiza, d. Red.] take care of the matter. We thought that was the most important thing”. As Beane stated, Araiza was informed about the separation on Saturday afternoon. He reacted with understanding.

Araiza, who was selected by the Buffalo Bills in this year’s draft of the best college players, denies the allegations. “The facts of the incident are not as described in the indictment or in the press,” the professional said. And further: “I look forward to setting the facts straight quickly.”

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