BTS fans are waiting for member Jin at the military base

BTS fans are waiting for member Jin at the military base

A fan is waiting for the oldest member of BTS, Jin, who will start his military service in Yeoncheon.
Image: dpa

The oldest member of BTS Jin begins his military service, which is compulsory in South Korea for healthy men up to the age of 30. Fans are concerned that Jin’s base is near the North Korean border.

Rhey start of military service for Jin of K-Pop band BTS. Hundreds of fans and journalists gathered in front of a training base in Yeoncheon, South Korea, on Tuesday to follow the arrival of the oldest member of the globally successful boy band.

“We have mixed feelings,” said Veronique, a fan. On the one hand, military service for men is in South Korea Duty. “On the other hand, we haven’t been able to see him for at least 18 months now,” added the 32-year-old Indonesian.

According to the army, Jin should first go through a five-week basic training course. Many fans were concerned that the 29-year-old pop star was assigned to a base near the border with North Korea, with which Seoul is officially still at war.

In South Korea, every healthy man has to do military service until the age of 30. Those who evade it face a prison sentence. An exemption is only provided for top athletes such as Olympic medalists and classical musicians.

Pop stars do not fall into this category, although an exemption for the BTS stars has been discussed in South Korea for years. Known for their meticulously rehearsed dance choreographies, the boy band is South Korea’s most successful music export.

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