BTS enter military service: Jin is the first

BTS enter military service: Jin is the first

Dhe “Army”, as the followers of the Korean boy band BTS call themselves, must now be very strong: the seven artists of what is probably the most famous music group in the world lay down their microphones for the service with the weapon.

Big Hit Music label announced on Tuesday that the group had decided to do military service, which is compulsory for South Korean men. “BTS members are honored to serve their country,” the label said in a statement. As the oldest band member, 29-year-old Jin will submit the necessary documents to the South Korean military’s personnel department at the end of the month. The other band members will follow “according to their individual plans”.

Compulsory military service for up to 22 months

The band’s decision ends a political debate that has been going on for months and has also occupied the South Korean parliament. Since South and North Korea are still formally at war with each other, all healthy South Korean men are required by law to do 18 to 22 months of military service.

“I want you”: Jin, a member of the South Korean band BTS, at a press conference in Seoul last May

Image: AP

At the latest at the age of 28, the men are drafted into South Korea. For BTS, which has also been the former President Moon Jae-in on a government trip to the United States, politicians turned a blind eye for a long time due to their popularity.

In 2020, the law that regulates military service was changed specifically for the band. Artists who receive a government award — like BTS — have since been allowed to postpone their enlistment until their 30th birthday. Just before Jin’s 28th birthday, the new rule came just in time to delay his recruitment. But the special treatment of the stars by the previous democratic government was not well received in all political camps.

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