Bruce Willis: His wife appeals to all paparazzi

Bruce Willis: His wife appeals to all paparazzi

Bruce Willis
His wife appeals to all paparazzi

Bruce Willis and Emma Hemming-Wilis in 2019.

Bruce Willis and Emma Hemming-Wilis in 2019.

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In an Instagram video, Emma Heming-Willis asks paparazzi to respect the privacy of her husband Bruce Willis, who has dementia.

Emma Heming-Willis (44) has met one Instagram video addressed to the public. In it, she asks all paparazzi and cameramen to be considerate and private when dealing with her husband Bruce Willis (67), who has dementia.

“This appeal goes out to the photographers and videographers trying to get these ‘exclusive’ pictures of my husband when he’s out,” she says, while also pleading: “Just keep your distance.” The picture hunters should also “not yell at” their husband about how he is doing. She also asks to refrain from “Yippee Ki Yays”, the famous quote from Bruce Willis from his Die Hard movies. During the video, Heming-Willis can’t keep her emotions completely under control and even has to stop the recording with tears in his eyes.

A video of Bruce Willis buying coffee as a trigger

“Give him the space,” asks the model. “Allow our family or whoever is with him that day to get him from A to B safely.” The trigger for their call is a video that recently appeared. It features Bruce Willis walking around Los Angeles with two friends to get coffee. “We love you Bruce, you are a legend,” shouts the man behind the camera or one of his companions. Willis doesn’t respond to him.

Bruce Willis and Emma Heming-Willis have been married since 2009. The couple have two daughters together, Mabel Ray, 10, and Evelyn Penn, 8. In mid-February this year, the actor’s family, including ex-wife Demi Moore (60), had a statement issued. She announced that Willis suffers from what is known as frontotemporal dementia. Nerve cells in the forehead and temple area of ​​the brain die off.

A good year ago, the family announced the end of the star’s career. At that time there was still talk of the language disorder aphasia.


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