British singer: Adele “more nervous than ever” before performance in Las Vegas

British singer
Adele ‘more nervous than ever’ ahead of Las Vegas performance

British singer Adele is looking forward to her concert series in Las Vegas.  Photo: Matt Sayles/AP/dpa

British singer Adele is looking forward to her concert series in Las Vegas. photo

© Matt Sayles/AP/dpa

The superstar from Great Britain actually wanted to travel to Las Vegas at the beginning of the year to perform there. But nothing came of it at the last minute. Now Adele is catching up on the concerts.

The British singer Adele is, in her own words, looking forward to the start of her concert series in Las Vegas on this Friday. “It’s safe to say I’ve never been so nervous before a show in my career,” the 34-year-old wrote on Instagram.

She felt a million miles from home, the superstar continued. “I can’t stop thinking about how as a kid I saw Tom Jones in Mars Attacks and thought, damn it, how did he get from Wales to Las Vegas?” The musician starred in Tim Burton’s Alien film.

Under the title “Weekends With Adele” the musician wants to play 32 concerts on the stage of the famous Caesars Palace Hotel in the casino city until March. The start was actually planned for January. But the corona pandemic and delivery problems thwarted the musician’s plans. “I’m devastated and I’m so sorry that it happened at the very last minute,” said the visibly distraught musician at the time in a video message to her fans the day before the first scheduled show. Then in July she announced the new dates.

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