British Royals: Record start for Prince Harry’s memoirs

British royals
Record start for Prince Harry’s memoirs

There was no shortage of press for Prince Harry's titled autobiography "Save".  Photo: James Manning/PA Wire/dpa

There was no lack of press for Prince Harry’s autobiography entitled “Spare”. photo

© James Manning/PA Wire/dpa

Over 1.4 million sales and a record within the publishing house: That is the preliminary result for the British nobleman’s book, from which explosive details came to light even before publication.

Record start for Prince Harry’s memoirs: From the English-language edition of the controversial autobiography “Spare” (German: “Reserve”) sold more than 1.4 million copies on the day of its release. This was announced by the publisher Penguin Random House yesterday (local time) in New York.

No other non-fiction book by the publisher reached such a number on the first day of publication. Overall, on Tuesday, the day of publication, in the USACanada and Great Britain 1.43 million copies – including hardcover editions as well as e-books and audio books – have been sold.

Explosive details and harsh criticism

The more than 500-page long autobiography, the Harry with the help of ghostwriter JR Moehringer, includes his take on tensions within the royal family and many personal details. Among other things, Harry writes that he sniffed cocaine, had his first time with an older woman and had a serious falling out with brother William.

In addition, Harry gave several interviews and was harsh on his family and the British media. Even before the start of sales, explosive details had become known through leaks. None of this hurt sales – quite the opposite.

Compared to “Spare,” sales of other hits from the publisher were downright modest: Barack Obama’s “A Promised Land” sold more than 887,000 copies on its first day in the US and Canada, as did Penguin Random House announced. Michelle Obama’s memoir Becoming, also published by Penguin Random House, sold more than 725,000 copies in the US and Canada on its first day, the company said.

“Understanding Prince Harry through his own words”

Gina Centrello, Publishing President of the Random House Group, described Harry’s memoir as heartfelt, courageous and intimate. “Spare” is the story of someone you thought you already knew. “But now we can really understand Prince Harry through his own words,” British news outlet PA Centrello was quoted as saying. “Spare is a book that must be read and we are proud to publish it.”


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