British Conservatives are losing dramatically in polls

British Prime Minister Liz Truss outside Downing Street in London on September 23 after four weeks in office is posting historically poor poll results for her party.
Image: Reuters

Devastating record for Prime Minister Truss: According to a poll, only 21 percent would vote for the British Tories, a full 33 percentage points behind the Labor Party. The reason for this is the tax cut plans.

Dhe governing Conservatives in Britain under Prime Minister Liz Truss lost a few days before the start of their party congress, the popularity of the voters dramatically. As emerged from several polls on Thursday, the opposition Labor Party was able to further extend its lead in the electoral favour.

According to a survey by the YouGov opinion research institute commissioned by the conservative newspaper The Times, the British Social Democrats are 33 percentage points ahead of the Conservatives. Accordingly, 54 percent of respondents said they would vote for Labour, only 21 percent said they would tories out.

Just a few days earlier had YouGov a lead of just 17 percentage points. According to the Times, the new value corresponds to the largest poll lead by a party in Great Britain since the late 1990s. A survey by the Survation institute gave Labor a lead of 21 percentage points.

For Truss, whose Conservatives meet Sunday through Wednesday for the convention in Birmingham, it’s a devastating record of their first four weeks in office. The poor survey results were preceded by strong reactions from the financial markets to the British government’s tax cut plans unveiled last week. Above all, the rich should benefit from this. But investors had not approved of the measures presented without plans for counter-financing: the pound exchange rate fell to a record low compared to the US dollar. The UK central bank had to step in and buy long-dated government bonds to keep pension funds from collapsing.

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