Breathe and enjoy - sport

Sport is . . .

good for feeling. You clear your head and do something good for your body.

Your current fitness level?

It's good again! I had minor knee surgery. The recovery took longer than expected. In autumn I'm going to go cycling again with friends for a week. So I'm in exercise mode and enjoying my fitness.

Rim upswing or stopover?

First the attempt at an elegant rim swing, then hopefully a rewarding stop-off.

Physical education class was for you?

Nice! I like exercise in general. I used to be able to belly dance. Football has only convinced me since my boys started playing.

Your personal record?

Hm, maybe while jumping rope. I used to box, so the skipping rope is a training session. And yes, I was German Youth Champion in Taekwondo.

Stadium visitors or TV athletes?

Depends on the sport. But live is actually more exciting. Even better: do it yourself!

Bavaria or sixty?


Your eternal sports idol?

Muhammad Ali and Bruce Lee.

A formative experience?

The births of my children.

In which discipline would you be an Olympic champion?

In breathing and enjoying.

Which athlete would you like to swap jerseys with?

Definitely with someone who loves what they do! Maybe with Serge Gnabry, but I feel more in the league of Roger Federer or Michael Jordan. The mixture of enjoying life and still doing sports, but without pressure, that's more my thing!

Under the heading "Formality" the SZ asks people about their affinity for sport every week. Artists, politicians, captains of industry - just no athletes. It would be boring.

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