Brad Pitt: The star is reportedly aiming for ‘semi-retirement’

Brad Pitt: The star is reportedly aiming for ‘semi-retirement’

Brad Pitt
The star is reportedly aiming for “semi-retirement”.

Brad Pitt has been successful on screen for over 30 years.

Brad Pitt has been successful on screen for over 30 years.

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Does Hollywood have to worry about one of its most charismatic figureheads? Brad Pitt is reportedly considering “semi-retirement.”

At 59, actor Brad Pitt is still a long way from the traditional retirement age. The star is said to be thinking about his first step towards retirement, like the US site “Page Six” claims to have found out from a confidant of the actor. “Brad wants to live a peaceful life from now on and is in the process of deciding what ‘semi-retirement’ might look like for him,” the source is quoted as saying.

A first indication of this should be the fact that Pitt sold a large part (60 percent) of his shares in the production company Plan B to a French media company. Pitt founded Plan B in 2001 with his then-wife Jennifer Aniston (53) and has been the sole owner since their divorce in 2005. Plan B contributed to the fact that films such as “The Departed”, “12 Years a Slave” or most recently “She Said” could be realized. A mid three-digit million amount “under 500 million dollars” flowed as a takeover sum, reported “CNBC”.

Is the acting over too?

With this sale, Brad Pitt’s career as a film and series producer seems to have been affected by the alleged “semi-retirement”. But is the star also thinking about saying goodbye to the big screen? From another supposed insider, “Page Six” wanted to hear the star’s mind games that could indicate this: “He’s considering Hollywood to turn his back and move to France to run his winery, make art and furniture. He just wants to live in peace.”

At the same time, however, it also means that Pitt do not plan to implement this project in the immediate future. Rather, he continues to be an actor with full passion and that will not change in the foreseeable future. Pitt will deliver the latest sample in the cinema in a few days: Damien Chazelle’s film “Babylon” will be shown in Germany on January 19, in which Pitt will play the leading role alongside Margot Robbie.


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