Boris Johnson apparently accepted financial help as Prime Minister

Dhe former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson According to a report in the “Sunday Times”, he was given financial support during his tenure without making this public.

According to the report, a Canadian entrepreneur distantly related to Johnson vouched for up to $800,000 in consumer credit available as of February 2021 lb (around 900,000 euros). Johnson and his family are also said to have taken several vacations at one of the man’s luxury estates in the Caribbean without paying for it.

It is particularly piquant that the entrepreneur is said to have applied for the management of the British cultural institute British Council at the same time. Although rejected, Johnson should have made the circumstances of the loan and free accommodation public, according to the newspaper, given the potential conflict of interest.

Confronted with this, a spokesman for Johnson told the Sunday Times that neither the former prime minister nor the seat of government Downing Street were aware of the Canadian entrepreneur’s application to the British Council and did not support it. “All of Boris Johnson’s financial interests have been duly reported,” the spokesman said.

According to the report, his salary as Prime Minister of £164,000 a year was not enough to support his lifestyle – and he got into trouble.

Johnson is now making a lot more money. He is still a Member of Parliament but has already collected £1.2million (€1.35million) in speaking fees since his forced resignation in September.

It was only recently revealed that he received a one-off donation of £1million in December. It is speculated that he is currently preparing a comeback as prime minister.

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