Boris Becker: TV comeback with a new hairstyle and old vigour

Boris Becker
TV comeback with a new hairstyle and old vigor

Boris Becker chose a new look for his TV return.

Boris Becker chose a new look for his TV return.

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Boris Becker is back. A few weeks after his release, he celebrated his comeback as a TV expert with “Matchball Becker”.

With the starting shot of the Australian Open on January 16th, a tennis legend is officially back: Boris Becker (55), who was in an English prison for almost eight months until recently, presented his show “Matchball Becker” on Eurosport for the first time.

With unusually short hair, the multiple Grand Slam champion started his TV comeback and analyzed the inglorious start of the German participants in the tournament with a lot of energy – the German delegation had to compete in four opening matches Melbourne give up.

On his official Instagram account In the run-up to the first edition of “Matchball Becker”, Becker had demonstrated how hot he was about his return in front of the camera: “Finally the time has come. I’m back and can pursue my passion – documenting tennis, about tennis speak!”

Daily expertise

Earlier this year, Warner Bros. Discovery announced in a press release that Becker would play during the Australian Open from January 16th to 29th as Eurosport-expert will be on duty. Together with commentator and moderator Matthias Stach (60), he is on the air every day to classify the matches from Melbourne and events Down Under and to present the highlights of the tournament day. He also slips into the role of co-commentator and accompanies the top matches.

“I am very pleased that Boris Becker has already joined the Australian Open is returning to our Eurosport team,” says Jochen Gundel, Senior Manager Sport at Warner Bros. Discovery Germany. Becker has been an integral part of the tennis broadcasts on Eurosport since 2017 and has received an incredible amount of recognition and encouragement in this function, for example through the win of the German Television Prize.


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