Boris Becker: That’s how he really feels in prison

Boris Becker
That’s really how he feels in prison

Boris Becker on April 29, a few hours before his arrest.

Boris Becker on April 29, a few hours before his arrest.

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Boris Becker has been in custody for three weeks. Since then, many headlines have been circulating about him. His lawyer has now cleared up some myths.

The headlines about Boris Becker (54) do not stop even three weeks after he entered prison. Now his media lawyer Christian-Oliver Moser entered at the express request of his client Interview with the broadcaster RTLto clear up some untruths. “Almost nothing that has been read in the last few days and weeks, especially in the big headlines, is true.”

Becker I didn’t press any emergency buttons, that was fictitious. He didn’t complain either, and he doesn’t whine. Moser attested that the situation was not nice, “but Boris accepted it”. His client is “a fighter”: “He is that too in this situation.” He has known Becker for a long time, says Moser, and knows what annoys him: “When untruths are spread. And he cannot and does not want to accept that.”

Becker lawyer on his client’s condition: “Good – certainly not brilliant”

But how is Becker in prison? “From what I can tell, he’s doing well given the circumstances – certainly not great,” he said Moser. It would also not be true that Becker was in the prison’s comfort zone: “That’s not true. He’s still in the same prison wing that he was in from the start.” Becker only changed the cell once.

Boris Becker was sentenced by a London court on April 29 to two and a half years in prison for delaying bankruptcy, which he had to begin immediately after the verdict. He must serve at least half of the 30 months. However, there is still an opportunity to appeal against the guilty verdict. Becker is in England’s second largest prison, Wandsworth.


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