Boris Becker: Emotional reunion with son Amadeus

Boris Becker: Emotional reunion with son Amadeus

Boris Becker
Emotional reunion with son Amadeus

Boris Becker has four children.

Boris Becker has four children.

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Boris Becker has published rare pictures with his youngest on the occasion of his son Amadeus’ 13th birthday.

Boris Becker (55) shared rare photos with his youngest son Amadeus (13) on Instagram. In a first post the tennis legend posted a snap from a cable car of the duo making a little finger vow and looking into each other’s eyes. The boy’s face is covered with a heart emoji. “A father-son bond goes beyond all borders,” writes Becker. “Over the past few days we’ve had a lot of fun celebrating Amadeus’ 13th birthday!”

Another picture shows the father-son duo on a snowy path, Becker has put an arm around the 13-year-old. There is also a blue heart emoji on Amadeus’ face in this photo. Due to the circumstances, he had “not seen his son for over ten months,” Becker writes about the second picture. “Just hearing his voice on the phone wasn’t enough. Words cannot describe the feeling of holding him in my arms again.”

Boris Becker: “Children are the love of my life”

In the circumstances mentioned, Becker apparently points to his prison stay. After a good seven months, he was released from custody in England on December 15, 2022. A few days later he gave an interview to Sat.1 and answered the question of where he saw himself in ten or twenty years: “Surrounded by my children. I hope there will be a few more. I am a family man and mine Children are the love of my life.” He currently has four children with three former partners.

Son Amadeus comes from the relationship with Lilly Becker (46). The two married in 2009 and announced their separation in 2018. From the relationship with Barbara Becker (56), with whom he was married from 1993 to 2001, the sons Elias (23) and Noah (29) emerged. Daughter Anna Ermakova (22) comes from a short liaison with model Angela Ermakova (55). The tennis legend is currently in a relationship with Lilian de Carvalho Monteiro.


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