Blockade by activists in Jänschwalde coal-fired power plant

WOwing to a blockade of track and conveyor systems on the site of the Jänschwalde lignite-fired power plant by climate activists, the operator Leag temporarily shut down two power plant blocks on Monday. The environmentalists had penetrated the site of the power plant in the morning. The South Police Department was deployed with a larger contingent.

Riot police forces supported the police officers from the region. During the morning, several activists at the power plant were taken into custody. The police operation continued as of Monday afternoon. Brandenburg Interior Minister Michael Stübgen (CDU) condemned the blockade as an act of sabotage.

The "Involuntary Fire Brigade" group announced on Monday morning that around 40 people were on the site and were blocking, among other things, the coal bunker and the track connections to the power plant. "We are taking the coal exit into our own hands here and now," said local stakeholders. The lignite power plant in Jänschwalde is the third largest in Germany. The plant is about 15 kilometers north of Cottbus.

"Attack on security of supply"

The spokesman for the energy company Leag, Thoralf Schirmer, confirmed that activists were at the so-called Grabenbunker, where coal is stored. He spoke of an “attack on security of supply”. According to him, two blocks had to be completely taken off the grid because of the occupation of coal conveyors. According to Leag, half of the power plant was not in operation - which meant a reduction of one gigawatt.

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