Blackrock economist Bartsch is to switch to the Ministry of Economic Affairs

According to informed circles, the economist Elga Bartsch is to strengthen the Federal Ministry of Economics in Berlin.
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The Federal Ministry of Economics is in a phase of restructuring. The ministry has now been able to recruit the economist from the world’s largest asset manager for the policy department, it is reported.

Die policy department in the Federal Ministry of Economics is to be headed by the economist Elga Bartsch in the future. This was announced on Tuesday from ministry circles in Berlin. The macroeconomist has extensive international experience, it said. With her, the ministry gains in-depth macroeconomic expertise, including fiscal and monetary policy. Through her research, she is an expert on the risks of climate change for the economy and their economic modelling. Elga Bartsch has yet to be confirmed by the cabinet as the new head of department.

According to the information, Bartsch had headed the economics and capital market research of the asset management company Blackrock in London until the summer. In this role, she also regularly wrote guest articles for the FAZ. Previously, she had worked as chief European economist at the investment bank Morgan Stanley.

Previously, the department had been headed by Philipp Steinberg. At the beginning of October, he took over the new department for energy security and economic stabilization, in which tasks and units from various departments were brought together. This was preceded by the merging of two central departments, which created a vacancy for a head of department. With the restructuring, the ministry wants to better position itself to combat the energy and economic crisis.

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