BKA warns of increasing violent tendencies of criminal gangs - politics

What Dangers Organized crime entails for society? Riots on the Hamborner Altmarkt in Duisburg, for example, made this clear in May. Hells Angels rockers and members of a Turkish-Lebanese clan first beat each other before drawing guns and shooting at least 19 times. Several people were injured.

Violence and increasingly public feuds like these are increasingly worrying investigators and politicians. And new data on organized crime shows how big the problem really is. Not only is the number of investigations in this area growing significantly, but so is the willingness to use violence on the part of criminal clans and gangs. This is what emerges from the situation report on organized crime, the Minister of the Interior Nancy Faser (SPD) and BKA boss Holger Münch on Wednesday in Berlin.

BKA President Holger Münch and Interior Minister Nancy Faeser (SPD) present the status report on organized crime.

BKA President Holger Münch and Interior Minister Nancy Faeser (SPD) present the status report on organized crime.

(Photo: Wolfgang Kumm/dpa)

The number of investigations rose last year by 17 percent to 696, by far the highest value in the past ten years. The number of armed suspects also rose sharply. It was more than 34 percent higher than in the previous year.

The main reason for the steep rise was above all a spectacular manhunt success, which was some time ago. In 2020, the police in the Netherlands and France managed to encrypt more than 20 million secret messages Encrochatservice that criminals used to communicate. As a result, numerous drug dealers in Germany were exposed and convicted. Drug crime is still the most important field of activity for organized crime. It now accounts for almost half of the investigations.

The damage caused by organized criminals that could be determined also increased significantly as a result of the decrypted messages. That BKA puts it at 2.2 billion euros for the past year. A year earlier it was still a good 800 million euros. And BKA boss Münch described this as only the "tip of the iceberg". Because the report only shows the cases discovered, but not estimates of the number of unreported cases.

"A growing phenomenon with a significant impact on society."

Interior Minister Faeser announced on Wednesday that the state would take tougher action. Organized crime is a "growing phenomenon with a significant impact on society". Actions from neighboring countries show how great the dangers are. Public prosecutors were shot dead in the Netherlands and torture chambers were discovered there and in Sweden. In the fall, she now wants to present a strategy paper for the intensified fight and strengthen the police, the minister announced. "We have to send out a signal: no criminal should feel safe."

Whether Italian mafia, rocker groups or criminal clans: so far, however, they don't seem to feel really insecure. According to the BKA, the fact that the number of fraud offenses has risen sharply in the past year shows how quickly some criminal gangs react to new opportunities to commit crimes. The number of procedures related to a pandemic has tripled. Especially when unlawfully applying for and using Corona aid.

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