Biologist on the Nosferatu spider: "Most toxins are completely harmless to humans"

Behavioral biologist Daniela Rößler is enthusiastic about something that only arouses disgust and fear in many people: spiders. A conversation about what spiders dream and why they are sometimes afraid of other eight-legged creatures.

Ms Rößler, the Nosferatu spider has been haunting the online media for weeks. You might think that Germany is teeming with new dangerous eight-legged friends. They are enthusiastic about the outlawed animals. Why actually?
You only have to enter the term jumping spider in the Google image search and you will get the pictures of these incredibly cute little animals, which look at you with big eyes and are often very colorful.

Jumping spider approaching

Spider spiders do not build webs, they hunt their prey by jumping. They orientate themselves with their large, partly moving eyes


What is special about them?
They behave more like a cat and not at all like a basement spider, which most people think of. Otherwise there are also many exciting fun facts to get people excited about spiders.

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