Bill Kaulitz: The singer mourns the deceased dog

Bill Kaulitz: The singer mourns the deceased dog

Bill Kaulitz
The singer mourns the deceased dog

Bill Kaulitz mourns his dog.

Bill Kaulitz mourns his dog.

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Only a few weeks ago, the Kaulitz family had to say goodbye to their dog. Now Bill Kaulitz’s bulldog has also died.

Tokio Hotel frontman Bill Kaulitz (33) has to cope with another stroke of fate. The family dog ​​Capper died just a few weeks ago, now the singer has to say goodbye to a beloved pet again. His bulldog Stitch died like the musician via Instagram announced with emotional lines.

Bill Kaulitz mourns his dog

“Dear Stitch, I will never understand why life took you from me so early, so unexpectedly, so suddenly,” begins his touching post, which the 33-year-old addressed to his dog. He also published several pictures and videos showing his black mastiff. “Just days after we lost our capper when you were only four years old and we both still had so many plans together.”

His heart was broken and he missed his dog more “than words could ever say”. He thanks his pet, “for being my home, my fearless and strong protector, for making me laugh”. He loves his dog so much and will always keep him in his heart.

Numerous stars mourn with them Bill Kaulitz in the comments. Among other things, influencer Riccardo Simonetti (30) and singer Conchita Wurst (34) left a heart emoji. “I’m very sorry for you,” wrote podcaster Ines Anioli (36). Tokio Hotel band member Gustav Schäfer (34) also expressed his sympathy with a pigeon emoji and a crying smiley.


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