Biden’s quiet triumph at the midterms in the USA

Dhe villain in Donald Trump’s nightmares these days is likely to be 2.10 meters tall, with a bald head and goatee, in a hoodie and shorts, with tattooed forearms. John Fetterman, many say, would make a good gangster even if he was in Harvard has studied. This “radical left lunatic,” as Trump once called him, is the new Democratic Senator for the fiercely contested state of Pennsylvania. He is the most prominent example of the failure of Trump’s radical candidates in the congressional elections.

Trump suffered a personal defeat in these midterms and swept the Republican party with him. The predicted red wave did not occur, on the contrary: Joe Biden and the Democrats achieved a historically good result, although the votes are not yet counted. The quiet triumph Biden showed in his first post-election appearance is justified. It was not to be expected that the Republican Party would achieve such poor results in times of record inflation, horrendous gas prices and a widely unpopular president.

The Democrats, however, must not feel safe. The fight for American democracy, which the President proclaimed during the election campaign, is far from over. It is unlikely that the Democrats will retain a majority in both chambers of Congress, and Biden’s room for maneuver is likely to be severely limited in the next two years until the presidential election.

In the worst case, he becomes a president who rules by decree, could at least veto unwelcome laws like a ban on abortion, but is bombarded by Republicans with investigations and impeachment proceedings. Even if Biden speaks of a willingness to compromise, the political climate is likely to continue to deteriorate. Despite this, a worrying number of Republican vote-bucklers and conspiracy theorists have still managed to get elected to Congress and the states. The “America First” wing is striving for more power in Washington.

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