Biden warns against boasting

BSo far, strategic communication in the dispute with Russia has been one of the US government’s strengths. This initially referred to the release of intelligence about Moscow’s hybrid war planning. The White House later decided to publicly document the secret services’ contribution to military aid to Ukraine as well. The difficulties faced by the Russian attackers and the successes of the Ukrainian armed forces have probably made some government representatives overconfident. Anyway thinks President Joe Bidenthat some tongues are too loose.

Majid Sattar

Political correspondent for North America based in Washington.

That’s why he called the CIA director on Friday William Burns, National Intelligence Coordinator Avril Haines and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin. Tenor: The most recent reports that concrete military successes in Kiev can be traced back to direct information from American services are counterproductive. Leaking information to the media must stop. Others are now calling the boast even dangerous, as it could provide Moscow with an excuse for further escalation. The Chairman of the Duma, Vyacheslav Volodin, accused Washington of “coordinating and developing essential military operations” and concluded that the United States was “directly involved in military actions against our country”.

A day after the call, CIA Director Burns said it was “irresponsible, very risky and dangerous” for people to talk too much – whether it was talking publicly about certain intelligence topics or sharing information confidentially. At a Financial Times conference in Washington, he added that it was a “big mistake” to underestimate Ukraine’s intelligence capabilities. It’s their country, they have a lot more information than the Americans. The background to this was reports that the American services not only provided Kyiv with general information about Russian troop movements – as at the beginning of the war – but also helped to sink a Russian warship and specifically kill Russian generals. The latter was denied by the Biden government. The contribution to the sinking of the missile cruiser “Moskva” was downplayed. Despite his own admonition, Biden released more military aid to Ukraine. The State Department said a $150 million package had been approved.

Burns: Putin stews in ‘resentment, ambition and insecurity’

Burns expressed at the conference the assessment of the Russian President Wladimir Putin intensify military action as he cannot afford defeat. Despite the failure to take Kiev and the difficulties in Donbass, Putin still believes he can defeat the Ukrainian armed forces. For years he has been stewing in a highly explosive combination of “resentment, ambition and insecurity”. At the moment he is apparently “convinced that he can still make progress by intensifying the means”. But there are no signs that he plans to use tactical nuclear weapons.

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