“Betty’s Diagnosis”: Betty goes, Elisabeth comes

“Betty’s Diagnosis”: Betty goes, Elisabeth comes

“Betty’s Diagnosis”
Betty goes, Elisabeth comes

"Betty's diagnosis": Betty Weiss (Annina Hellenthal, left) leaves, Elisabeth Hertz (Henrike Hahn) comes.

“Betty’s Diagnosis”: Betty Weiss (Annina Hellenthal, left) goes, Elisabeth Hertz (Henrike Hahn) comes.

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The title role in the TV series “Betty’s Diagnosis” is cast again. Actress Annina Hellenthal goes, Henrike Hahn comes.

Fans of the TV series “Betty’s diagnosis” (since 2015, ZDF) have to adjust to a change in the title role. Because Annina Hellenthal (39) aka Nurse Bettina “Betty” Weiss will leave the series after six years of her own volition.

Annina says about her exit Hellenthal: “Betty Weiss and I are now in the seventh year together in the Karlsklinik. We have experienced and endured so much together, laughed and cried, developed together – now, I feel, it is time for both of us to start the next one step by step and face new challenges.” She looks back gratefully on the past few years: “I’ve learned an awful lot and I’m very grateful for this special time and for the chance to grow in this role.

The last episode with Annina Hellenthal as Betty Weiss, “Auf ein Neues” airs on April 21 at 7:25 p.m. It can be seen in the broadcaster’s media library from March 24th.

Successor is already turning

Successor in the title role Henrike Hahn (36) will play the ward nurse Elisabeth “Betty” Hertz in the Karlsklinik in Aachen. After Betty Weiss and Betty Dewald (Bettina Lamprecht, 45), she is the third “Betty” in the early evening series. Filming for the tenth season is currently underway in and around Cologne. According to the broadcaster, filming will continue until December 2023. The broadcast of the new episodes is expected to start in autumn 2023.

Annina Hellenthal is full of praise for her successor: “I am delighted that a successor has been found in Henrike Hahn, who can now shape the series in her unique way.”


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