Better or worse than cow’s milk?

In heard a cappuccino milk. regular milk. But what is normal anyway? A lot of people don’t understand the question. Cow’s milk, of course. But not only in trendy metropolitan cafés it can sometimes happen that the coffee specialties there are exclusively prepared with oat milk.

This sometimes leads to arguments, not only when a TV presenter tweets about it. Evil paternalism, some find. A right move, the others. Yes, opinions differ on a little thing like oat milk. But why actually?

On the surface, oat milk stands for a lifestyle. A lifestyle in which you can buy yourself a good conscience, with oat milk that costs three euros a liter (a liter of organic whole milk cost 1.69 euros in the supermarket). You hang out in hip cafés in Frankfurt’s Westend, slurp oat milk cappuccino, eat banana bread and type on your laptop. You don’t have to change much to belong here – just a little sip of milk in your coffee to feel like a better or at least ecologically conscious person. You can get angry about that. But it’s not really worth getting excited about.

Can now be found in every supermarket: plant drinks as a milk substitute

Can now be found in every supermarket: plant drinks as a milk substitute

Image: dpa

But if you take a closer look, such an oat milk incident represents a major social debate. It’s about our status quo. To answer the question: What is actually normal? The coffee with oat milk or the one with cow’s milk? Is your own normality, the one in which a latte is prepared with cow’s milk, perhaps just a perceived one – while everyone else thinks it’s cool and normal that their coffee and cake is based solely on plant-based ingredients?

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