Berlin Zoo is now closed

Visitors stand in front of the notice at the closed gate at the entrance to the Berlin Zoo.
Image: dpa

Bird flu has been detected in the Berlin Zoo. In order to prevent the virus from spreading, the zoo will only reopen when the situation can be better assessed.

Bei a waterfowl im Berlin Zoo bird flu has been diagnosed. The hammerhead died on November 13, the zoo announced on Friday. The virus has now been confirmed in the laboratory. “In consultation with the local authorities, Zoo Berlin will be closed to guests as a precaution with immediate effect,” it said.

Almost all birds, including the penguins, were placed in rear aviaries and stables. “Fortunately, no other animal shows the corresponding symptoms of the disease,” said the zoological director of Zoo und Tierpark Berlin Christian Kern. They would still be tested for the virus.

A precautionary closure of the entire zoo grounds is an important step in this situation until you have a better overview of the situation, said the Senate Department for Consumer Protection. The primary goal is to prevent the virus from spreading.

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