Berlin – Jewish community takes over Geiger College – politics

Contrary to original plans, the Jewish community is closed Berlin assumed responsibility for the Potsdam Rabbinical Seminary Abraham-Geiger-College. According to a statement, all shares in the college, which is organized as a non-profit limited liability company and trains liberal rabbis, have been transferred to the community. The Central Council of Jews in Germany said on Thursday that they were amazed at “this deal”. The Central Council criticized the move without consulting the donors. Whether the rabbinical training in Potsdam can be further promoted by the Central Council under these circumstances will have to be examined from a legal point of view. Community leader Gideon Joffe said the top priority right now is to smooth the college and pave the way for students to continue their education in a stable structure. “After many months of excitement, we want to commit ourselves to calming tempers and guiding this wonderful institution into a sustainable future.” For months there has been a dispute within the Jewish community about the future of rabbinical training in Potsdam after allegations of abuse of power were made against the long-standing Geiger College rector Walter Homolka. The rabbinical seminary, founded in 1999, was previously sponsored by the Leo Baeck Foundation.

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