Berlin is single-handedly rehearsing a successor for a 9-euro ticket

Berlin will be the first federal state to introduce a successor model for the 9-euro ticket in local public transport. That was given by the Governing Mayor Franziska Giffey (SPD) announced on Thursday.

The ticket will cost 29 euros a month and will be available for three months from October - but only by subscription and only for the Berlin city area. Brandenburg is left out, although the two federal states belong to a joint transport association (VBB). However, there are major differences about the project, which is intended as an interim solution for a nationwide succession plan. As things currently stand, it won't come until January at the earliest, and the federal and state governments are still far from agreeing on the financing.

After the crucial VBB supervisory board meeting on Thursday, Giffey tried to bridge the differences with Brandenburg with conciliatory words. "I am very grateful to Brandenburg for enabling Berlin to take this path in our joint transport association," she said. The approval of the neighboring country was necessary in the committee, although the financing is borne solely by Berlin.

going it alone in the capital

Until the very end, it was not certain whether Brandenburg would bring itself to do so, because the capital city's solo effort was viewed very critically there. The fact that the Brandenburg colleagues only found out about the plans from the media in August caused outrage. But there are also different opinions: Brandenburg belongs to a small group of states that want to burden the federal government with all the costs for a follow-up ticket; a rush by the capital city in the difficult negotiations is rather a hindrance.

The Green Senator for Mobility, Bettina Jarash, had made an urgent appeal to Prime Minister Dietmar Woidke (SPD) in an interview with the FAZ at the end of August: the government in Brandenburg must also stand united behind the plans, she demanded. "In this respect, a commitment from the entire state government in Potsdam would be necessary, that also means the state chancellery and the prime minister."

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