Berlin CDU top candidate Wegner excludes cooperation with the Greens

Berlin CDU top candidate Wegner excludes cooperation with the Greens

Dhe CDU top candidate Kai Wegner has ruled out working with the Greens after the re-election to the Berlin House of Representatives. As justification, he referred to the demands of the Greens for top candidate Bettina Jarasch in the “Tagesspiegel”, especially in transport policy. Instead, Wegner says he prefers a two-party alliance with the CDU in the event of a CDU election victory SPD under his leadership.

“What the Greens and Mrs. Jarasch are demanding in the election campaign, especially in transport policy, cannot be done with me. Point,” said Wegner. The Greens planned to remove half of the parking spaces in the capital. The party operates “unilateral policy against the car,” criticized Wegner. Regarding his preferences in the event of an election victory, the CDU top candidate said: “I’m a big fan of two-person constellations. That is always good for a stable government.”

Polls see the CDU ahead

“After rejecting a diverse city, the CDU is now also canceling the mobility turnaround,” commented Yarash Wegner’s comments on Twitter. “Berlin is facing a choice of direction. Back with the CDU-SPD or further ahead with the green.”

The re-election to the Berlin House of Representatives on February 12 was necessary because there were numerous mishaps in 2021. The capital is currently governed by a coalition of SPD, Greens and Left.

Recent polls see the CDU currently clearly ahead. In a survey published for ZDF on Friday, the Christian Democrats came to 24 percent, an ARD survey on Thursday even saw them at 25 percent. The SPD of the current governing mayor Franziska Giffey followed with 21 and 19 percent respectively.

In both surveys, the Greens were in third place with 18 percent. The left was eleven or twelve percent, the AfD at ten. According to both surveys, the FDP would just barely make it into the state parliament with six percent.

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