Berlin: Car crashes into the Brandenburg Gate

Ein car is against a pillar of Brandenburg Gate drove in the center of Berlin. Firefighters found a dead man in the car, a police spokesman said. Other people would most likely not have been in the car, one is “relatively sure”.

“According to initial findings, no other people were harmed,” the police later said on Twitter. During the night, investigators secured traces at the scene of the incident on Pariser Platz in the Mitte district.

The car – a dark vehicle with a notchback – was reported to have crashed into the capital’s landmark on Sunday evening around 11:30 p.m. coming from the central boulevard Unter den Linden. The badly damaged vehicle came to a standstill wedged between two pillars of the gate. Black marks and minor chips were visible on the massive pillars. It was initially unclear how fast the vehicle was driving – as was the identity of the driver and the background to the incident.

According to the fire department 30 emergency services were on site. A screen was erected around the car wreck.

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