Ben Manga less in demand for Eintracht Frankfurt transfers

Dhe Frankfurter Eintracht feels well positioned in view of the challenges and demands that arise for them as European Cup winners. That’s what the chairman of the supervisory board, Philip Holzer, said last week after he announced that authorized signatory Philipp Reschke would be accepted as the fourth member of the board and that the contract with chief financial officer Oliver Frankenbach would be extended until mid-2026.

In fact, the management team of the traditional Hessian club, which wants to be more than a club and now is, has proven in recent years that they work well together. Not only in day-to-day business, but also in the strategic planning and development of the association.

The new sports director Markus Krösche fits in perfectly, his prudent actions on the transfer market are followed with respect and goodwill by his colleagues on the board. The newcomer of RB Leipzig reacted to the difficult financial situation caused by the corona pandemic with early signings of free transfer players in particular, without jeopardizing athletic performance. The permanent takeover of the loan players Hauge and Jakic was confirmed at the weekend.

Manga’s Pearl Diver Skills

But there is always room for improvement. In this context, it is noticeable that the expertise of the former squad planner Ben Manga seems to be less and less in demand, although he is now the director of professional football and should have more influence on transfer policy due to his position. A signing is never an individual decision, but is made after group consultation, with the sporting director having the final say.

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