Belgium partially switches off motorway lighting

Wbecause of the energy crisis Belgium some of its highway lights off at night. On Tuesday night, the lights went out on a first section of the E40 motorway between Liège and Leuven from 10 p.m., a reporter from the AFP news agency reported. According to media reports, the Wallonia region in southern Belgium is hoping for savings of EUR 400,000.

"Everything that contributes to reduced consumption can ease the situation in the energy crisis," said Walloon Energy Minister Philippe Henry in Waremme. On other Belgian motorway sections, the street lights should also go out between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m. in the coming days.

"Of course there are consequences for motorists," said Secretary of Energy Henry. "That's why we're concentrating on the night, when there's significantly less traffic." For the time being, the power-saving measure is limited to three months, after which the Walloon region wants to review the situation. "Road safety is an absolute priority," stressed Henry.

Motorists in Belgium reacted calmly to the decision. "Of course, it's much more pleasant to drive with lights on," said 55-year-old Johan Vanhoyland. "But in Germany I also drive thousands of kilometers on unlit autobahns, and without any problems at all."

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