Beijing warns German government against “politicizing” economic relations

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The federal government wants to make Germany more independent of China.

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Beijing The Chinese government has been critical of the Federal Foreign Office’s plans for a new government strategy on China. “The politicization of normal economic, trade and investment cooperation is contrary to the principles of the market economy and international economic and trade cooperation,” a foreign ministry spokesman said in Beijing.

China hopes that “the German side will develop its relations with China in an objective and rational manner.” The federal government should be guided by what is necessary for both sides for “profitable cooperation”. The spokesman warned of “artificial trade barriers and new forms of protectionism”.

The confidential draft of the Federal Foreign Office provides for significant requirements for German companies doing business in China, such as investment reviews or the limitation of government investment guarantees.

Overall, the federal government is urging companies to become more independent of China and diversify their investments. The background is the concern that, for example, there will be dependencies similar to those of raw materials Russia occur with the gas or already exist, which can become a problem in the event of political tensions with Beijing. Government spokesman Steffen Hebestreit emphasized on Monday that the debate on a China strategy in the federal government had only just begun.

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