Because of rainbow utensils: trouble for German fans in Qatar

Rainbow paraphernalia trouble
Surrounded by “ten to 15 police officers”: German fan apparently clashes with Qatari police

security forces in Qatar

The security forces threw his rainbow tie and sweatband in the trash (symbol image)

© Abd Rabbo Ammar / ABACA / Picture Alliance

A German fan in Qatar apparently got into trouble with local security forces for wearing a rainbow-colored bandage and sweatband. He was surrounded by “ten to 15 police officers”.

A German football fan apparently got into trouble with the police because of a rainbow-colored bandage and sweatband during the World Cup match between the Netherlands and Senegal on Monday. “In the middle of the second half, I was escorted from my seat by four police officers and stood in the catacombs surrounded by ten to 15 police officers who asked me to take off my bandage,” said sports student Bengt Kunkel of the German Press Agency. “

Welsh fans report similar incident

He was told: “We’ll either take your bandage and sweatband or we’ll take you with us. Then of course I gave it up.”

A similar incident was witnessed by Welsh fans at the game against USA when rainbow hats were taken from them. Kunkel emphasized that he wanted to set an example. “Gianni Infantino had said that rainbow ties and rainbow flags were allowed in the stadium. Then he should keep his word. But that wasn’t the case.” His belongings were thrown in the garbage.


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