Beauty of 2023: Enjoy very consciously

Beauty of 2023: Enjoy very consciously

A mere year? Not at all. Hardly any number is more beautiful, interesting and mystical than 2023. Why we should definitely honor it.

The 23rd

So nice, even if a 2 and a 0 are missing in front of it Illustration: taz

Welcome to the year 2023. Even if the year is already a few days old, it is worth pointing out its beauty. To be more precise, on the particularly beautiful number 2023.

It already stands out graphically: two twos snuggling up around a round zero, held by a double-curved three. There is nothing pointed like a 1, nothing angular like a 4. Everything is round, everything is soft, everything is flowing.

But 2023 is also extremely fascinating for math nerds. The first thing that strikes you is that it looks extremely odd, but unlike 23 it is not a prime number. On the contrary. It can be broken down into the prime factors 7, 17 and 17. In other words, 7 times 17 times 17 equals 2023. And since 7 is undoubtedly the most interesting digit and 17 the most exalted of the 10s, a logical conclusion is that their product, 2023, is outstanding. Especially since their checksum, i.e. 2 plus 0 plus 2 plus 3, what is the result? Exactly: 7!

Of course, such an obvious conspicuousness is not enough for real nerds. You’d much rather point it out, that in this year the equation 2023=(2+0+2+3)×(2²+0²+2²+3²)² applies. crazy, right?

For those who aren’t quite so adept at number games, such a mathematical identity is extremely rare. All numbers between 1 and a million are found only six times. And since the beginning of our era, it has only happened once: in year 1. Anyone who wants to experience such a significant year again must remain on earth for at least 377 years. One should therefore enjoy the 2023 very consciously.

Do you really need to know all this? Maybe not. But without such knowledge, you quickly lose it with all mystics, whose eyes light up at the sight of the 2023.

Quite simply because they omit the snooty beginning, which remains valid for a whole century, and concentrate on the core of the matter, the 23. This, in turn, is considered to be hard to beat in insider circles, because its checksum is the bad 5, because they calculate the checksum 23 from the date September 11, 2001, because the hacker Karl Koch, who was very busy with the number, on a May 23 at the age of 23, which was so important that his life was later filmed by director Hans-Christian Schmid.

and his movie titled “23” premiered on January 14, 1999, which is exactly 8,759 days ago if you’re reading this on Saturday. Does that seem banal to you? But 8759 is exactly 2023+2023+2023+2023 +20×23+(2+0+2+3)×23+23+23. To ask?

In fact, the year 2023 is nothing more than a reminder of the time that everyone who is at least twice 23 years old can remember: When a local call cost two groschen, i.e. 20 pfennigs, for decades, if you in stood in a phone booth, respectively 23 Pfenning if you called from your home phone. 20? 23? The new year doesn’t want to tell us anything other than: Call us again!

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