Bavaria: drone flights over Bundeswehr troop training area Wildflecken

Drone flights over the Bundeswehr military training area in Wildflecken

A group of NATO Response Force soldiers during an exercise at the Army Combat Simulation Center in W

A group of soldiers from the NATO Response Force during an exercise on the premises of the Army’s combat simulation center in Wildflecken (Bad Kissingen district). photo

© Daniel Vogl/dpa

In Wildflecken, in the idyllic Bavarian Rhön Nature Park, there is a military training area for the German Armed Forces. Drones have now been spotted over the area. What’s behind it?

According to the Ministry of Defence, unknown persons have several drones over the armed forces-Let the troop training ground fly in Wildflecken, Bavaria. The overflights were registered on Saturday night, a spokeswoman for the ministry said on Sunday. The police were informed immediately and began investigating. These were still ongoing. At no time was there any danger to the population. The online medium “Business Insider” had previously reported.

According to the report, the Bundeswehr trains Ukrainian soldiers on armored vehicles on the training ground in the Lower Franconian district of Bad Kissingen vehicles of the type Dingo. The federal government announced in mid-September that it would deliver 50 dingoes to the Ukraine. The armed wheel transporter is used for patrol and reconnaissance trips.

According to the police headquarters in Lower Franconia, the criminal police are now investigating, under the direction of the public prosecutor’s office in Munich. A police spokesman in Würzburg said emergency services were on site, also to determine who might be responsible. Whether the sighted objects are actually drones acted, but cannot be confirmed with conclusive certainty at the moment.

As early as the end of August, Russian secret services are said to have tried to spy on the training of Ukrainian soldiers on western weapon systems in Germany. The military counter-intelligence service (MAD) in the vicinity of the military bases in Idar-Oberstein in Rhineland-Palatinate and Grafenwoehr in Bavaria noticed suspicious vehicles, from which access roads to the barracks were probably observed, reported the “mirror” at the time. In Idar-Oberstein, the Bundeswehr trained Ukrainian soldiers on the Panzerhaubitze 2000, in Grafenwoehr the US armed forces trained Ukrainians on western artillery systems.

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