“Bares for Rares”: “The most delicious secret of nature” brings 16 times the desired price

“Bares for Rares”: “The most delicious secret of nature” brings 16 times the desired price

“Bares for Rares”
“Nature’s Most Delicious Secret” is worth 16 times the asking price

"Cash for Rares"

Wendela Horz is very enthusiastic about the brooch, which she is supposed to appreciate at “Bares for Rares”.


Expert Wendela Horz can hardly contain her enthusiasm for the brooch. After all, it adorns an extremely rare berry. Things are also going extremely well for the saleswoman in the dealer room – who would have been satisfied with just 50 euros.

“I’m not the brooch type,” says Ruth Engel at the beginning of her appearance on “Cash for Rares“. The piece of jewelery was in her drawer for over 50 years. Now the 72-year-old pensioner has come all the way from Switzerland to sell it on the ZDF junk show.

At least Wendela Horz is interested: “It’s a special brooch,” enthuses the expert, and explains in pathetic words what she means by that: “Ladies and gentlemen: I present nature’s most delicious secret,” Horz begins the expertise that now follows. “A very rare and expensive berry: the arctic bramble.” A very rare fruit. This was immortalized in red gold. Based on the hallmarks, the expert comes to the conclusion that the jewelry was made in Sweden. The material consists of 585 gold, the berries are made of small rubies. Overall a magnificent piece.

“Bares for Rares”: Susanne Steiger is awarded the contract

However, the seller is unmoved by the enthusiastic expertise and states her modest desired price: “Around 50 euros” Engel would like for the brooch. Wendela Horz sees things differently: the material value alone amounts to 600 euros. Overall, the expert comes to an estimated value of 800 euros.

The traders initially mistake the fruit depicted on the brooch for an acorn, but Ruth Engel proves them wrong. That makes you curious: Wolfgang Pauritsch starts the auction with 350 euros. Along with Suzanne Steiger the two drive the price up to 800 euros – with the better end for Steiger. Ruth Engel thus realizes the estimated value. And gets 16 times the price you want. A great deal!

“Susanne grabs the sweetest fruit,” Pauritsch comments on his defeat. The saleswoman, on the other hand, is happy, with 800 euros crossing the border into the Switzerland will cross.

source: “Bares for Rares” in the ZDF media library

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