Baerbock at the International Criminal Court: Weapons of Law – Politics

Foreign Minister Baerbock calls Putin’s decision to go to war in Ukraine the “primal crime” that has all the other atrocities in its wake. In The Hague, the seat of the International Criminal Court, she advocates punishing the crime. But that is difficult.


Paul Anton KruegerThe Hague

The Hague Academy of International Law celebrates its centenary this year. Peace through law, that was the guiding principle of the Dutch politician and lawyer Tobias Asser, who came up with the idea for the academy in 1907. He was only able to implement it after the First World War, and even in the anniversary year there is little to celebrate in the Peace Palace in the Dutch capital. The Federal Foreign Minister stated that the Russian attack on Ukraine violated the central principle of the United Nations Charter, the prohibition of violence, in the most brutal way Annalena Bärbockwho came here on Monday to deliver a keynote speech on international law.

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