Backstreet Boys are releasing a new Christmas album

Dhe Backstreet Boys are big fans of Christmas and celebrate the festival. “My wife loves to decorate the trees in the house. I think in one year we had 43 trees in the house, which is a lot, but that’s something we enjoy,” said band member Brian Littrell (47) of the German Press Agency. “We also love to throw a big Christmas party for all our friends and family members.”

As befits musicians, they play Christmas music throughout Advent. “Our family has really good ears and is musically inclined. It’s just in our DNA,” said bandmate Kevin Richardson (51). “When I brought my wife to our first Christmas party, we ended the evening with a Christmas carol or two, as we always do. And when she heard us all singing in unison, she was ecstatic.”

The American boy band became world famous in the 90s. She recently released her first Christmas album. “We’ve recorded two Christmas carols in our career, but never a full album. So I think it was just the right timing for us,” Richardson said. “I think now that we’re all older, we’re fathers, we have kids, it means more.”

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