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Home office: Also a kind of home office: working in a cafe in New York.

Also a kind of home office: working in a cafe in New York.

(Photo: Richard B. Levine/imago images)

The offices are filling up again, there is no right to work from home in Germany even after the pandemic. So everything as before? Other countries show how things can be done differently, maybe even better.


Claus Hulverscheidt, Karin Janker, Michael Kläsgen, Alexander Mühlauer, Isabel Pfaff and Hannah William

The pandemic has shown what is possible: In the first lockdown in April 2020, up to 27 percent of the workforce in Germany worked from home at times – according to a survey by the Hans Böckler Foundation, which is close to the trade union, before Corona it was just four percent. However, there is still no right to a home office, as Federal Labor Minister Hubertus Heil had planned in the meantime. According to the current coalition agreement, there should at least be a kind of limited entitlement, in which employers can only object to the desire to work from home “if operational issues conflict”.

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