Awards: Kunstmuseen Krefeld are “Museum of the Year”

Awards: Kunstmuseen Krefeld are “Museum of the Year”

Kunstmuseen Krefeld are “Museum of the Year”

The facade of the Kaiser Wilhelm Museum in Krefeld.  Photo: Bernd Thissen/dpa

The facade of the Kaiser Wilhelm Museum in Krefeld. photo

© Bernd Thissen/dpa

The Krefeld art museums have different buildings: The main seat looks massive and Wilhelminian. The other two houses are icons of Bauhaus architecture. The critics’ association AICA praises the diversity approach.

German art critics have the art museums Krefeld honored as “Museum of the Year”. The houses are committed to the close connection between art, design and architecture, said the German section of the international art critics association AICA on Monday. “This makes the museum, with its three locations in the former textile town, an important pioneer in the interdisciplinary polyphony of artistic disciplines that is currently being discussed again,” the association explained.

Krefeld’s museums include the Kaiser Wilhelm Museum, which opened in the city center in 1897, and the Bauhaus villas Haus Lange and Haus Esters, built by Mies van der Rohe. According to the association, the founding phase of the Citizens’ Museum was about cultivating a “good taste” in a style-defining way. The idea of ​​using art and design to illustrate the variety of artistic experiences in everyday life lives on in the houses. Katia Baudin has been in charge of the museums since 2016.

The German Critics’ Association named a production during documenta fifteen in Kassel the “Exhibition of the Year 2022”. The group Atis Rezistans from Haiti used the former church of St. Kunigundis for this. The Berlin show “Another World” by Christopher Kulendran Thomas was honored as a “Special Exhibition 2022”. Against the background of the civil war in Sri Lanka, the show at the KW Institute for Contemporary Art dealt with the history of the state the Tamils ​​were striving for.

The association awards the non-endowed ones every year awards at museums and particularly successful art exhibitions. According to the information, around 220 authors, critics, journalists and publicists are united in the German section.

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