“Avatar: The Way of Water”: Sequel falls short of expectations

“Avatar: The Way of Water”: Sequel falls short of expectations

“Avatar: The Way of Water”
The sequel falls short of expectations

"avatar 2" must be skeptical about the future of cinema.

“Avatar 2” has to be skeptical about the future of cinema.

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Despite the great start in Germany: “Avatar: The Way of Water” falls short of expectations worldwide.

“Avatar: The Way of Water” started with strong viewer numbers – but still fell short of expectations. The played worldwide 434.5 million US dollars continuation the most successful film of all time since its theatrical release last week.

Disappointing start in North America

In the United States and Canada grossed “Avatar: The Way of Water” $134 million. James Cameron’s (68) film shares fourth place with “The Batman” in the ranking of the best theatrical releases in 2022. The Marvel films “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” (187.4 million), “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” (181) and “Thor: Love and Thunder” (144.2) started much better this year.

Not a bad result that will be 134 million in the industry still considered a disappointment. Optimistic forecasts reckoned with 150 to 170 million at the start.

Good global start despite China flop

Outside of North America the numbers look better in comparison. The 434.5 million US dollars make “Avatar 2” the second most successful start of the cinema year. Here, too, “Doctor Strange” is ahead with 442 million. The global figures are all the more remarkable as the strongest international market was disappointing. In China, “Avatar 2” was below average at $57.1 million. The corona pandemic is to blame, which continues to cause cinemas to close there.

Strongest start since Corona in Germany

However, the German market tears out a lot for “Avatar: The Way of Water”. 1.3 million viewers have seen the film in cinemas since it opened on December 14th. They generate sales of $19.9 million. Behind North America, China and South Korea ($24.7 million) is Germany making it the fourth largest market worldwide for “Avatar 2”.

For us, Pandora’s return to the blue planet got off to the best start of the cinema year. In addition, no film played since the beginning of the corona pandemic so much money.


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