Author: Dörte Hansen on the new country life

Dörte Hansen on the new country life

Dörte Hansen talks about the changed life in the country.  Photo: Georg Wendt/dpa

Dörte Hansen talks about the changed life in the country. photo

© Georg Wendt/dpa

The 58-year-old knows life in the northern German provinces from her own experience. It has changed in recent years, she says.

The bestselling author Dorte Hansen (58, "Altes Land") is not worried about the future of rural areas.

"I've noticed that the village is currently being rearranged - after the farming era is over, apart from a few large farms. Anyone who now moves to the village usually does so voluntarily - and the communities of purpose are becoming communities of choice. Many young families are moving in to the country, a lot of new things are happening. I think the bottom has been passed," said Hansen of the dpa on Monday evening in house at the German premiere of the feature film "Mittagsstunden" based on her novel of the same name. The film hits theaters on September 22nd.

Wind turbines are one of them

She also likes the landscape better than she did a few years ago. "Nature has changed back again. When you were in the villages in the 70s, it was relatively bare. All the knicks were gone and the trees were trimmed. I have the feeling that it has become a lot greener again," explained the writer who lives near Husum. "You also renaturate rivers and floodplains. So you're going back a bit to the way it used to be - because you now know that nature was treated too harshly. Although the roads are of course wide and straight." You don't suffer from the wind turbines either - these are already part of the North Frisian landscape. "I would find the alternatives worse," said Hansen.

Her melancholic novel "Mittagsstunden" describes the structural change in northern Friesland since the 1960s. In the film adaptation by Grimme award winner Lars Jessen ("Forever Summer 90"), Charly Hübner ("Police call 110"), Hildegard Schmahl and Peter Franke play the main roles.


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