Austria wants to abolish all Corona laws

Austria’s Health Minister Johannes Rauch on December 14, 2022 in Vienna
Image: dpa

The Austrian Minister of Health announces that he is planning to leave in the course of the year. The country should go back to normal.

OAccording to Health Minister Johannes Rauch (Greens), Austria wants to abolish all corona laws. He is planning to leave in the course of the year, Rauch announced on Saturday in the “Kronen Zeitung”. corona would no longer be a notifiable disease. The country should return to normal, Rauch told the newspaper.

According to the minister, the massive Covid wave in China no longer poses a major threat. “We have taken the necessary precautionary measures. I don’t currently see any signs of great danger.”

The Minister of Health does not believe that Corona will disappear, but sees Austria prepared: “We have vaccinations, we have medication, we are monitoring the variants.” In his opinion, the mask requirement that still exists on public transport in Vienna will soon be removed. Away from the federal capital, there are currently hardly any signs of Corona regulations. An FFP2 mask is currently also mandatory when visiting health and care facilities.

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