Attacks: letter bombs in Spain – connection with Ukraine war?

Letter bombs in Spain – connection with Ukraine war?

A suspicious shipment has been intercepted at the Torrejón Air Force Base near Madrid.  Photo: Carlos Luján/EUROPA PRESS/dpa

A suspicious shipment has been intercepted at the Torrejón Air Force Base near Madrid. photo

© Carlos Luján/EUROPA PRESS/dpa

A series of letters shook Spain. It is not yet known who is behind it. But there are guesses.

After the explosion of a letter bomb at the Embassy of Ukraine in Madrid with a slightly injured on Wednesday, the Spanish government also announced the receipt of a dangerous shipment.

A letter bomb sent to Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez The Interior Ministry announced that it had already been received and rendered harmless on November 24. In addition, three other similar programs were intercepted by other recipients.

First of all, late on Wednesday evening, a letter bomb was received by the weapons manufacturer Instalaza in Zaragoza and was rendered harmless by the police, State Secretary for Security Rafael Pérez said at a press conference in Madrid. The company produces weapons of war that Spain sends to the Ukraine delivered.

Another suspicious shipment was at Torrejón Air Force Base early Thursday morning Madrid been intercepted. From there, military planes take off with supplies for the Ukraine. This package is currently being investigated by the police. “The scanner showed that there was a suspicious mechanism in it,” said a spokeswoman for the Ministry of Defense of the German Press Agency.

Also on Thursday morning, the Defense Department received a fifth letter bomb addressed to Secretary of Defense Margarita Robles, Pérez said. This shipment was also neutralized.

According to media reports, the Spanish authorities did not rule out that all five broadcasts could be related to Spain’s support for Ukraine in the fight against the Russian war of aggression. The investigations are based on terrorist attacks. Ukrainian Ambassador Serhiy Pohoreltsev suspected Russia was behind the attack on the embassy.


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