At least 16 dead in Greek train crash

At least 16 dead in Greek train crash

Smoke rises as firefighters and rescue workers work at the scene.
Image: Vaggelis Kousioras/AP/dpa

A train crash in central Greece during the night left many dead and injured. Rescue teams try to find survivors in crashed wagons.

MAt least 16 people died when a freight train collided with a passenger train on Wednesday night in central Greece. A spokesman for the said Fire department in the state broadcaster (ERT). 85 people were injured.

“The search is ongoing,” the spokesman for the fire department said. Numerous hospitals have been put on alert. 350 people are said to have been on board the passenger train.

Greek television showed videos from the scene of the accident near Tempi in central Greece. Carriages of both trains were smashed. Firefighters and rescue workers were trying to find survivors in the rubble, reporters at the scene said.

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